Unified Slackware Package Manager (USM)

USM is a package manager for Porteus. It is a hybrid CLI/GUI applications which means you may run it from a root terminal (type: usm) or as a GUI from the desktop menu. The main job of USM is to provide programs to the user. It does this by allowing you to search for and download a package from across 5 different slackware repositories. The default location for all downloads is /tmp/usm. All dependencies will be resolved and you will be asked if you wish to:

  1. Create one single module from all the dependencies
  2. Create a subfolder containing all the package
  3. Convert the slackware packages to porteus modules

These settings may also be autoamted by changing the options in the settings/Preferences menu. There are also various other settings you may change such as setting a custom configuration path.

You will be notified when there is a database update and it is highly recommend to update the database regularly so as to stay up to date with the latest packages. This is done using the update menu where you may update a single database or ALL databases together. From a root terminal you can type: usm -u all

When a new version of USM is released you can update from the update menu. From a rot terminal you can type: usm -u usm

Be aware that if you are downloading your packages intot he default location /tmp/usm then if you wantthem to remain at the next boot (and you are not saving your changes with a cheat code) then you must manually place the modules into your porteus/modules folder on the installation media.