[HOWTO] Connect faster while using NetworkManager

Here are two tips how to connect faster while using NetworkManager.
Credits goes to the ArchWiki team.

Disabling IPv6

Slow connection or reconnection to the network may be due to superfluous IPv6 queries in NetworkManager. If there is no IPv6 support on the local network, connecting to a network may take longer than normal while Network Manager tries to establish an IPv6 connection that eventually times out. The solution is to disable IPv6 within NetworkManager which will make network connection faster. This has to be done once for every network you connect to.

Right-click on the network status icon.
Click on "Edit Connections".
Go to the "Wired" or "Wireless" tab, as appropriate.
Select the name of the network.
Click on "Edit".
Go to the "IPv6 Settings" tab.
In the "Method" dropdown, choose "Ignore".
Click on "Save".

Speed up DHCP by disabling ARP probing in dhcpcd

dhcpcd contains an implementation of a recommendation of the DHCP standard (RFC2131 section 2.2) to check via ARP if the assigned IP address is really not taken. This seems mostly useless in home networks, so you can save about 5 seconds on every connect by adding the following line to /etc/dhcpcd.conf:


This is equivalent to passing --noarp to dhcpcd, and disables the described ARP probing, speeding up connections to networks with DHCP.