Tor Browser

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Tor Browser

Post#1 by wread » 27 Sep 2020, 13:52

Hello all!
for those of you interested in security: we can use the Tor Browser directly from Porteus! I am posting this topic using the Tor Browser with a light modification to use it as root.
How to get it running in Porteus:
1. Enter the site and search the Tor Browser for linux.
2. Download file tor-browser-linux64-10.0_en-US.tar.xz,
3. Extract it to "tor-browser_en-US" and move the folder to "optional"..
4. Open the file "tor-browser_en-US>Browser>start-tor-browser"
5. Search the file for the word "root"
6. One line before, where it reads "-eq 0", change the 0 to 1 so it reads "-eq 1"
7. Save the file.

If you would like to navigate annonimously, then go to "optional" and click on "tor-browser_en-US>start-tor-browser.desktop"

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Tor Browser

Post#2 by Rava » 10 Nov 2020, 04:20

wread wrote:
27 Sep 2020, 13:52
I am posting this topic using the Tor Browser with a light modification to use it as root.
is it a good idea running Tor Browser as root? a browser aimed at security and anonymity should run as standard user. though i not used it in ages having no clue about how recent Tor Browser handles such security matters.
Yours Rava

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Tor Browser

Post#3 by Kulle » 12 Apr 2021, 09:25

If you only use the Tor browser very seldom/occasionally, you will want to use the current version.
This script downloads the current version and starts it.
Very comfortable.

Code: Select all

cd /home/guest/Downloads
wget -r -l 1 -nd -A tar.xz &&
mv tor-browser* tor-browser.tar.xz
tar xfv tor-browser.tar.xz 
rm tor-browser.tar.xz
cd tor-browser_en-US
mv start-tor-browser.desktop start-browser

# in line 3 and 7  "en-US"  replace with   de es fr it ru  if necessary
This script only works for 64-bit systems

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