Possible solution for video hang on Intel

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Possible solution for video hang on Intel

Post#1 by nanZor » 27 Jun 2019, 06:15

Yet another attempt to tame the Intel Atom - at least with Porteus 4.0 ...

I found this gem at the Archlinux wiki about Syslinux - specifically the troubleshooting sections about having a teeny cursor in the upper left hand corner during boot, and some of my Atoms will hang right there. The troubleshooting section is about 2/3 of the way down:


So what I'm running with now as a cheatcode is

vga=current quiet splash

In addition to the usual intel_idle.max_cstate=1. Seems that vga=current is the key.

We'll see, but this may be promising.
That's a UNIX book - cool. -Garth

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