How does option -JAIL of src2pkg work?

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How does option -JAIL of src2pkg work?

Post#1 by supertabs » 18 Jul 2021, 10:44

Hello everybody. I wonder how src2pkg -JAIL work? Whenever I used to compile something and install, I need to configure first and check whether the generated Makefile contains DESTDIR or INSTALL_ROOT. If it does, I can just do make -j2 and make install DESTDIR=SOMEWHERE or make install INSTALL_ROOT=SOMEWHERE.

Unfortunately not all sources or packages do contain DESTDIR or INSTALL_ROOT, this what makes it harder to install things. If I do prefix=SOMEWHERE during configuration instead of doing prefix=/usr, some projects like vim, for example, attaches SOMEWHERE as the path to the scriptnames once it is make install.

Also some projects gets broken, either because their search path started with SOMEWHERE which come from the configuration prefix or It does not work at all.

Fortunately there is a tool called src2pkg, and this is what I used for creating slackware packages *.txz.

The option -DESTDIR and -JAIL is what I always used when using src2pkg. Now I am curious how -JAIL work. There is an option called -A where it says that it will generated a script once compilation is successfuly...? But I never used that -A option.

So how does -JAIL option work at all? :D
I do not want to created a chroot just to make install, nor src2pkg setup chroot at all? Does it? :Search:
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