[Solved] Issue with Shutdown shortcut in Cinnamon

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Black ninja
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[Solved] Issue with Shutdown shortcut in Cinnamon

Post#1 by meet » 06 May 2020, 04:08


I am using Porteus 4 with Cinnamon DE.

I was having trouble with the DE loading time, it lagged a lot when it started. So, I deleted the save file and re-prepared it from a fresh boot.
Since then, I am having trouble with the default shutdown shortcut: CTRL+ALT+END

This keyboard shortcut had worked previously, when I had loaded Porteus Cinnamon the first time, and also after preparing the save file and using it for the past month. Though, after this re-preparation of save file, the shortcut doesn't work.

When I press this key combination, instead of the shutdown dialogue box (giving me various options to shutdown like restart, shutdown, etc.) doesn't pop-up. Instead, the screen turns off, the laptop power light turns off, for a split second and then again they both turn back on. As if I switched off and on a bulb.

I checked the keyboard settings and found that the shortcut for shutdown is set as default only. It is clearly written CTRL+ALT+END in the list. And the keyboard shortcuts are enabled. There's no conflicting keyboard shortcut set or no other program installed on the OS yet.

Can someone help me fix this?
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DEV Team
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Issue with Shutdown shortcut in Cinnamon

Post#2 by jssouza » 06 May 2020, 04:38

System Settings -> Power Management -> Extra Options -> When the power button is pressed: change to Ask

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