PXE server not working on Dell M1000e chassis

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PXE server not working on Dell M1000e chassis

Post#1 by lc5829 » 21 May 2019, 19:22

Hello everyone!

I set up Porteus 4.0 with openbox running as a PXE server. Surprisingly for me, everything is working just out of the box, except for the M1000e. I have a setup that goes like this

Internet -> router -> 48 port switch -> many computers including the M1000e chassis

It finds the PXE server, gets the menu, but whichever option I chose I get some error after loading vmlinuz and initrd.
Naturally I can not copy-paste, so I try to copy from a photo I made...

Searching for porteus -v4.0-x86_64.cfg file
Udhchpc: started v1.27.2
Ifconfig: SIOCSIFFLAGS: no such file or directory
Udhchpc: sending discover
Udhchpc: sendto: network is down

And it goes on like this. Any other machine i hook to the network finds and boots over PXE without problems.

Any idea is highly appreciated.

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