Porteus V4 How to configure dual screen?

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Porteus V4 How to configure dual screen?

Post#1 by benjibasson » 21 Oct 2023, 17:57

Hi, I would like to use dual screen with porteus v4 on an Igel tiny PC with less than 2gib ram and VIA technologie

during booting, booth screen display shell Unfortunately when it starts init 4, I got both black screens ( with the 'no signal' although when I unplug the second monitor the desktop load.
I have access to TYY ( ctrl + alt+f2) ( screens are displaying in clone mode)

I apply the update and launched alwaysfresh base_only and norootcopy but it still fail to boot with dualscreen
1b8dcd24e1ad73e5ebdabeccdbd36af1 ./20171203/001-core.xzm/ 101M
735d5c8beb133769471113c5aaeac0ab ./20171203/002-xorg.xzm/ 89M

Here is the igel config ( reachable only with single screen

Here is the xorg.0.log with failed dual screen.

How to configure dual screen in graphic mode with VIA technology please?