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Porteus as NAS

Posted: 09 May 2022, 02:39
by rych
I'm now looking at the Open Media Vault (and FreeNAS, etc.) to make my own NAS box and was wondering if anyone has used Porteus for this purpose? Or perhaps it's a silly thing to do? OMV seems a good Debian-based docker-centric solution already, but it is still a new system to learn. So I might investigate turning my Porteus USB into a wake-on-lan Data/Cloud/File/Web/FTP/Gallery/Streaming/Bittorent/... headless server in its own right :) Please share your thoughts and advice below.

My thoughts so far:
  • Porteus already lives on a USB stick which is recommended for NAS as the system and perhaps bittorent client can run (or sleep) without waking up the large storage disk(s).
  • I guess the distinctive part of existing solutions is the web interface for monitoring, adding plugins etc. but often people have to drop into a (web) ssh terminal anyway.