Gparted Live UEFI surprise!

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Gparted Live UEFI surprise!

Post#1 by nanZor » 25 Nov 2021, 03:06

Fired up a Gparted Live usb for a project on a very modern (post 2015) uefi-only computer.

But I didn't use the iso! (which wouldn't work on this box).

The simple solution to my surprise was to download the amd-64 ZIP file instead. And simply unarchive that to a usb thumb drive and boot.

Gparted Live, like Porteus, has either a shell script or an exe to make the drive bootable as the final step:

But here is the best part! On modern machines, step 5 (running the shell or exe file) to make it bootable it is not necessarily needed at all!

Unbelievable. I can simply unarchive either Porteus or Gparted live, without having to use the boot script / exe and get on with business. Wow.

I had seen this tip about Porteus' ease of installation on very modern uefi-only machines, and when I saw that in Gparted Live, thought I'd give that a go (skipping step 5, or the boot script). Well, whaddya' know? Awesome.
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