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Panda Wireless PAU06 - thumbs up

Posted: 08 May 2019, 19:54
by nanZor
Porteus X86_64 bit is go!

Only 2.4g band, but this usb model has an folding antenna with good reception and performance so far. I used it in addition to the internal little pci ralink wifi inside my Vnopn mini pc. Big difference.

Nice to see that I didn't have to remove the internal oem wifi board, and network manager just showed both, so I chose the new one to conneect with, which also nicely identifies itself in nm as RALINK 802.11 n wlan. Cool - I don't have to pop the case to remove the weak oem board.

It uses the RT2800usb driver in Porteus and seems to be doing just fine.

Never tried running two wifi interfaces before, so it was neat to see it work in nm.

But as always - you never know if chipsets get changed around by manufacturers, but so far this chipset seems plug-n-play to Porteus. Amazon warns that it will ONLY work with their own OS list. Maybe I'll have to tell them to include Porteus. :)

Panda Wireless PAU06 - thumbs up

Posted: 09 May 2019, 08:52
by nanZor
Hilarious! Caution! :)

Now that I have TWO adapters active, that means I need to be careful with my connection list in network manager. Ie, if one of my original connections was designated as "auto connect when available", and is pointing to the weaker oem wifi card, I might get confused. I easily do.

Thus, when I added this secondary usb adapter, I just deleted all my existing connections, and started over with *manual* connections, and then editing the list (like ignoring ipv6, setting the band capability specifically rather than auto (just crossing fingers) etc.

Wiping out the old connections and starting fresh with new connections pointing to the new adapter keeps my sanity. :)