RALINK RT3090 and 2800-pci driver works

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RALINK RT3090 and 2800-pci driver works

Post#1 by nanZor » 07 May 2019, 09:19

Just a report that my RT3090 wifi (2.4g b/g/n) using the 2800-pci driver that Porteus automatically uses is working fine.

Thing is, even with a "blade" antenna attached, it is just a little hard of hearing as compared to a say a cell-phone or other sniffer. Ie, in Linux, about anything below about -70dbm signal strength is ignored.

The same card with Windows will allow the card to see the weaklings well below that level. But those are so weak, I wouldn't want to connect to them anyway.

As root, running
iwlist scan

of course provides more info, but proves that NM isn't missing anything on it's own.

One thing that might be helping me is from the great tip that Fanthom put out several years ago. I added my thoughts to that with a new thread (and link to the original) since it was so old:

Network Manager speedup and stability

So if you have an rt3090, then maybe like me, it just has a little cotton in it's ears under linux. Maybe that's on purpose - who knows ....
That's a UNIX book - cool. -Garth

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