VNOPN fanless mini-pc

Here you can post about your various experiences with PC hardware. You can also post about hardware that is not compatible with the linux kernel or not recommended for use with Porteus.
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VNOPN fanless mini-pc

Post#1 by nanZor » 06 May 2019, 07:38

Picked up another fanless mini-pc:

Vnopn K1 Sharevdi. Got the lower end 64-bit version with 2G ram / 32gb SSD, and low-power AMD A6-1450 cpu. They make many models with different cpus, ram and ssd size. Whole case is basically the heat-sink. Quality metallic build.

Booted Porteus 4.0 and everything works. Yawn. :)

This lower-power version only running at 1ghz is not a screamer of course. Came with un-activated and un-licensable 32-bit Windows 10 (you gotta pay if you want the real thing). Still useful to check it out and see if all your hardware is working. About 10 minutes of that, and I wiped the SSD clean.

BIOS is pretty wide open to boot anything. (hit DEL or F11) to get to the bios. I'm running X86_64 XFCE Porteus 4.0 on it right now from a usb stick. For now, only using the SSD for storage.

The included RALINK RT 3090 2.4g wifi is notorious for being deaf in Linux. Sure enough, Porteus operates fine with it, but I had to put my phone/hotspot about 6 inches away. In windows it isn't deaf and sees a lot. Unit is upgradeable, and if I want better wifi, I'll use a better supported dongle. Plenty of connectivity.

Sound comes up right away, although sometimes had to have headphones plugged in first before boot. Don't have hdmi audio monitor to test that function.

I think I'm done collecting mini-pc's. They are a lot of fun and fast enough for what I do on the slow / low end like shell stuff and simple browsing. I find Porteus a real kick to use on these things.
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