[Solved] Include mini-browser Netsurf in the future

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[Solved] Include mini-browser Netsurf in the future

Post#31 by Rava » 08 Feb 2020, 21:48

Netsurf looks small and quite nice. I am trying out netsurf-3.9-x86_64-1alien right now. It is small and looks okay, but…

My main issue: I prefer a dark GUI, in Palemoon I love using the AdvancedNightMode AddOn. Any ideas how such dark display can be accomplished with Netsurf?
In its settings, there is not even the possibility to define what text, background link and visited link colours to be used.

This is what setting the colours in "Tools/Settings" looks like in recent Palemoon (, please be aware of the red warning text below, since AdvancedNightMode interferes with the palemoon settings:
(click for full view)
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[Solved] Include mini-browser Netsurf in the future

Post#32 by jssouza » 09 Feb 2020, 05:12

n0ctilucient wrote:
09 Feb 2020, 04:44
Netsurf sounds like a winner for Porteus.
It's available as a bundle.

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