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Miscellaneous Modules 3.2

Posted: 08 May 2016, 23:24
by Bogomips

Owing to dependence on QT, the best I could do was 80 MB. The bundle also includes the npapi browser plugin. This module is compatible with PulseAudio, which is the new regime.

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guest@porteus:~$ ls -lh vlc-np_2.2.2_bundle.xzm 
-rw-r--r-- 2 guest users 80M Mar 16 01:13 vlc-np_2.2.2_bundle.xzm
md5sum vlc-np_2.2.2_bundle.xzm
b6b225615526ba5641a945fffa036b08 vlc-np_2.2.2_bundle.xzm

Tested on Cinnamon. Should also work with Mate and XFCE. Not sure about KDE.

nvidia 304.131 rc3 driver

Posted: 29 Jun 2016, 21:07
by Bogomips

02802d4362260831e75cd844b6e83fee nvidia-304.131_rc3-i586.xzm

rc3 Opera

Posted: 30 Jun 2016, 19:51
by Bogomips

0c995b27e64ccdc6563c6ee0e323ff9a opera-12.16.1860-i386-_12.16.1860.xzm


Run (Alt+F2): opera

rc4 Light Opera

Posted: 05 Aug 2016, 20:33
by Bogomips
Light (Unbloated FF)

md5sum light-47.0.en.US.linux-i686-1.xzm
dda121ca1667fbe54b1e630e6322ae73 light-47.0.en.US.linux-i686-1.xzm

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guest@porteus:~$ ls -lh light-47.0.en.US.linux-i686-1.xzm 
-rw-r--r-- 1 guest users 20M Aug  4 15:04 light-47.0.en.US.linux-i686-1.xzm
Worth considering running

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light --ProfileManager
Something else to be taken into consideration playing videos. Just could not get a dailymotion video started, player crashing all the while at start up. Tried to see if Silent Block extension would have any effect, reloaded video page and embedded video started. Checked messages to see that in that short time some 50 URLs had been blocked! So it was not due to sluggish browser!


md5sum opera_12.16.1860_i386.xzm
fabad2125fb349e9e292ae9edfb5525c opera_12.16.1860_i386.xzm

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guest@porteus:~$ ls -lh opera_12.16.1860_i386.xzm
-rw-r--r-- 1 guest users 15M Jul 17 02:08 opera_12.16.1860_i386.xzm

Re: Miscellaneous Modules 3.2 final: nvidia driver 304.131

Posted: 11 Nov 2016, 01:30
by Bogomips
md5sum nvidia-304.131_v3.2.xzm
79f4cb9b67bd6d44eb78ff0e07a33b3b nvidia-304.131_v3.2.xzm

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guest@porteus:~$ uname -r
guest@porteus:~$ ls -lh nvidia-304.131_v3.2.xzm 
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 34M Nov 10 01:30 nvidia-304.131_v3.2.xzm

3.2.1 KDE VLC

Posted: 04 Dec 2016, 22:42
by Bogomips
Bundle inclusive of npapi Browser Plugin.

md5sum vlc-2.2.4_bundle_kde-i586-1bp.xzm
2ef5edbdbcaa02221d6db3c8406ba108 vlc-2.2.4_bundle_kde-i586-1bp.xzm

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guest@porteus:~$ uname -r
guest@porteus:~$ ls -lh   vlc-2.2.4_bundle_kde-i586-1bp.xzm 
-rw-r--r-- 2 root root 47M Dec  4 22:23   vlc-2.2.4_bundle_kde-i586-1bp.xzm
Make Up

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root@porteus:/home/guest# sh  -q  vlc-2.2.4_041216  /tmp  p1/mods
Default Module Name: vlc-2.2.4_041216.xzm

Installing to Fakeroot Directory

gc-7.4.0-i486-1sl: GC C and C++ Garbage Collector ...................... [750K]
libiodbc-3.52.7-i486-2: Independent Open DataBase Connectivity ......... [1.1M]
libunistring-0.9.3-i486-1: GNU Unicode string library .................. [1.9M]
npapi-vlc-20160706-i486-1alien: Videolan plugin for Mozilla browsers ... [310K]
vlc-2.2.4-i486-1alien: multimedia player for various audio and video for [149M]

Creating Module vlc-2.2.4_041216.xzm

Parallel mksquashfs: Using 1 processor
Creating 4.0 filesystem on p1/mods/vlc-2.2.4_041216.xzm, block size 262144.
[=====================================================================\] 2249/2249 100%

Exportable Squashfs 4.0 filesystem, xz compressed, data block size 262144
        compressed data, compressed metadata, compressed fragments, compressed xattrs
        duplicates are removed
Filesystem size 47977.26 Kbytes (46.85 Mbytes)

guest@porteus:~$ ln p1/mods/vlc-2.2.4_041216.xzm p1/mods/vlc-2.2.4_bundle_kde-i586-1bp.xzm

Re: Miscellaneous Modules 3.2: conky

Posted: 24 Feb 2017, 12:00
by Bogomips
USM being on the blink, found conky here: viewtopic.php?f=54&t=6554#p52075

Miscellaneous Modules 3.2: epdfview

Posted: 26 Feb 2017, 13:16
by Bogomips
USM if non-functional still, recently made epdfview with usm for kde. Cinnamon already has it in menu.