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free42 3.0.2. A free 42s calcukator simulator

Posted: 17 Apr 2021, 12:10
by Philip
Free42 is a HP-42S RPN scientific calculator simulator.

The HP-42S was manufactured from 1988 until 1995 by Hewlett-Packard.

The Free42 program is a complete rewrite and contains no HP code whatsoever.
Has a realistic calculator display, and looks great!

The porteus module for free42 3.0.2 (3.1MB download) is for Porteus x86_64 and may be downloaded via this link: ... Rc1HlLPgu7
md5sum: a0700e95082313027129f558b310dd91

A pdf manual is also available from here: ... SiuyeT6C9kT
md5sum: 413f1ccb3d1d38475b15a8bba6668243

Note, that free42 saves some small files in a free42 folder located at:
So if you try free42 and decide it's not for you, you should delete the free42 folder (although it will do no harm if you don't delete it).

free42 3.0.2. A free 42s calcukator simulator

Posted: 04 Aug 2021, 10:40
by Bicephale
Hi, i've seen source-code for the HP-48 mentioned recently, i think i saved it on disk just in case... There happens to be some old .E48 image-file dating back to about 15 years ago and the calculator was probably a relic itself already, as i purchased it around 1993 - and it's still on my desk today, fully functional. Built to go in space! Very stimulating in days when i could afford the long hours. It's reminescent of an era when still recording software on audio cassettes... Hoping we all got the scene in mind! But i can't begin to shop around for another, this one is beyond my everyday needs and i'm no Ti fan anyway.

So you can be shure i plan to evaluate this virtual HP-42S calculator as that's still pretty much what i need to keep around. Thanks for making the post!! :thumbsup: