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interlink V52.9.7606 GTK3 en_UK (email and news client, slim Mozilla Thunderbird fork)

Posted: 27 Nov 2020, 03:52
by Rava
interlink V52.9.7606 GTK3 en_UK (email and news client, slim Mozilla Thunderbird fork)
Initial post about older version with lots of info on interlink here: Interlink gtk2 (email and news client, slim Mozilla Thunderbird fork)

CaveĀ¹! I removed the two deactivated Add-Ons.

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{e2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103}/ : Lightning calendar
{a62ef8ec-5fdc-40c2-873c-223b8a6925cc}.xpi : GoogleCalendar
CAVEĀ²! By default Interlink downloads all of your INBOX and all other Email boxes like sent, spam or trash to your users home directory. That's in the case of my main Email account more than a GB of data, and it goes all into your RAM aufs filesystem and might freeze or even crash your system.
So, after you made your setup, aka gave the email address and IMAP settings and whatnot, best exit Interlink and move the folder "/home/guest/.binary outcast" and all subfolders to a non-RAM based media, best one with Linux filesystem (or you compromise security, see below).
After moving the folder, create a symlink that links to the new location on your hard drive (see below).
Only then you should start it up again and connect it to your email account to actually download the emails.

This looks like so on my machine:

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root@porteus:/home/guest# ls -l .binary\ outcast
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 37 Dec 31 03:39 .binary outcast -> /mnt/sda6/home/guest/.binary outcast/
You could as well use a FAT or NTFS filesystem, but be aware of the possible risks when you let Interlink store your Email account password. Therefore I strongly recommend using a Linux filesystem for storing the Interlink data and email post boxes :hi:

Here is the download link via filehorst:

Filename is "007-interlink-52.9.7606.linux-x86_64-gtk 3_en_UK_rava_ln-interlink-bin.xzm"; size 38.62 MB or 40497152 Bytes.
The md5sum is like filehorst says it is: ebdf5e1726ebf7c7d7cb8e7173160c5b

To get it, first wait 15 seconds "Dein Download wird jetzt vorbereitet." (Your download is being prepared)
Then click "Jetzt zur Download-Seite" (now to the download page)
Then click "Dein Download steht nun bereit. Klicke hier, um ihn zu starten." (Your download is ready. Click here to start downloading it)

Have fun with emailing to your hearts content. :Rose:

You might wonder why its called *ln-interlink-bin. That is because Firefox, Interlink and also Palemoon usually comes with a double binary, the one is named like the program, e.g. interlink, and the other is named interlink-bin. Both binaries are the very same, the md5sum proved that every time, so I replace one such binary with a symlink to the other.