5.0rc1 Adobe Flash Player Version 32,0,0,403

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5.0rc1 Adobe Flash Player Version 32,0,0,403

Post#1 by otan » 29 Jul 2020, 17:07

5.0rc1 Adobe Flash Player Version 32,0,0,403 KDE & Cinnamon O.K.
https://mega.nz/file/4NZmRYrb#OX1kEbk_x ... 6VUSoZR8QU

Provides Adobe Flash plugin for browsers that recognize /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins as a valid plugin directory

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guest@porteus:~$ md5sum flashplayer-plugin-
5a5e48622316733a977bb8b4bd848387  flashplayer-plugin-
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5.0rc1 Adobe Flash Player Version 32,0,0,403

Post#2 by Ed_P » 29 Jul 2020, 17:58

This option works also. :)

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guest@porteus:~$ su
root@porteus:/home/guest# update-flash
[OK] User is root
[OK] Distro is Porteus
[OK] Flash is installed

[OK] Internet connection exists
Downloading live script ...
Downloading: update-flash-live  DONE
Work will be done in: /tmp 

Searching online for latest flash player version ...

Installed version:
Latest version:

 Would you like to continue? [y/n]
  A Slackware package will be created.
 Would you like to create a Porteus module? [y/n]
 Executing install script for flashplayer-plugin-
Package flashplayer-plugin- installed.

Creating /tmp/flashplayer-plugin-

 Your module is ready at   /tmp/flashplayer-plugin-  
 Please move it to the modules dir to be activated at boot time, 
 or to some other place outside of the live system to survive reboot. 


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