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AdGuard Home and Pi-hole

Posted: 04 Jul 2020, 16:48
by Blaze
AdGuard Home is a network-wide software for blocking ads & tracking. After you set it up, it’ll cover ALL your home devices, and you don’t need any client-side software for that. With the rise of Internet-Of-Things and connected devices, it becomes more and more important to be able to control your whole network.

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# Start AdGuard Home
/etc/rc.d/rc.AdGuardHome start
# If you want auto start service of AdGuard Home
# after reboot Porteus run this command
echo '/etc/rc.d/rc.AdGuardHome start' >> /etc/rc.d/rc.local
AdGuard Home is available on the following addresses:

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Go to
Go to http://X.X.X.X:3000
Download AdGuard Home

AdGuard Home

Posted: 04 Jul 2020, 18:06
by Ed_P
it’ll cover ALL your home devices,
Doesn't that mean it installs to routers?

I use the ad blocker in Firefox to block ads.

AdGuard Home

Posted: 05 Jul 2020, 00:08
by donald
This software seems to act as a DNS proxy (with filter lists)

One has to configure the router's DNS setting to use AdGuard's ip address.
-- device make a request to router - router redirects to AdGuard - AdGuard
checks the filter lists and (if allowed) uses configured DNS server.

Protecting ALL home devices would only work if you use an extra computer
running this software 24/7.

If you run AdGuard on your laptop and you shut down the laptop no other device
on your network can make a DNS request - no web for them.

AdGuard Home

Posted: 05 Jul 2020, 08:19
by Blaze
Ed_P wrote:
04 Jul 2020, 18:06
I use the ad blocker in Firefox to block ads.
uBlock Origin is better ;)

You can use it at your PC, if you power off your PC - your second DNS will be activated
on some sites AdGuard Home DNS slows down.

Anybody is use Pi-hole (

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         :cccclll:.      ..,,
          :ccccclll.   ;ooodc
           'ccll:;ll .oooodc
                 .. ','.
        .........  ....  .........
        ..........      ..........
        ..........      ..........
        .........  ....  .........
Only "unofficial" Slackbuilds here:

Note that these are for -current. Building on 14.2 had been done a few pages earlier, but I think that pi-hole 5.0 might break that due to kernel versions.

You'll need pi-hole and pi-hole-ftl. If you want the web-interface, pi-hole-adminlte. There is one dependency you'll need from SBo, openresolv.

Make sue to read the README's.
Download pi-hole-5.0-x86_64-1endo.tar

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BTW, I wrote some notes for run pi-hole ... ost6141764