KDE5 Default stuff for Porteus 5

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KDE5 Default stuff for Porteus 5

Post#1 by Putu Justine T.R.M. » 26 Jul 2021, 17:38

This is just a fix for entire KDE Plasma 5 Theme (Breeze). which on Porteus there's some missing icon, sounds, and wallpaper from the original KDE5 (5.22 to be exact).
This module files is taken from KDE Neon 5.22.3
This module tested on Porteus 5 rc3 with KDE5 Desktop

Bugs :
- Desktop Layout is completely restored, so there's a chance to have a broken shortcut from missing apps like Discover, KDE Connect, etc etc...
- If the module installed after a few usage (means changes on /porteus/changes exist) : Wallpaper will be black if the theme is applied. (you still can re-apply the wallpaper)
- If the module installed right after installing the OS (means no changes on /porteus/changes yet) : Porteus OEM theme still applied. Please re-apply the Breeze theme on settings to fix it.

Notes :
- This module will partially replace Porteus OEM theme with original KDE Plasma 5 theme.
- DO NOT use this module if your KDE Plasma version is lower than 5.22
- To completely restore the layout, goto Settings > Appearance > Global Theme > Select "Breeze" or their dark and twilight version > Tick "Use Desktop Layout from theme" > apply

Link :
- Google Drive

Enjoy! :)

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