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sgtk-menu (semantic launcher)

Posted: 27 Feb 2021, 11:16
by M. Eerie
Openbox and Xfce. I'm always testing between one and the other in an attempt to unify my setup and keep things simple.

The reason is, I like Openbox window management and less resource hungry for some older boxes, while Xfce has proven robust and I'm happy with my workflow. But then, I'd like to reduce the number of components used and get a common, comfortable fit without losing functionality.

Trying to bring Openbox to act like Xfce, results in using so many tricks, programs, keybindings, configs, etc., that I refuse to waste my time doing it. So, since we are in 2021, now I'm trying to do it from the other side: Reduce the Xfce panel plugins/redundant programs and keep the base to a minimum...

So, I've found this all-in-one piece that I think fits perfectly: sgtk-menu

This one can be easily implemented in both Openbox/Xfce because it integrates whisker-menu/shutdown-panel-plugin/rofi/jgmenu as agnostic launcher/finder.

Have a look at some screenshots to see it in action.

Hope you find it useful too :)