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[Internet Search fun] Porteus Maze test

Posted: 02 Apr 2020, 06:09
by Rava
This thread is meant to collect some unexpected or better even: outright weird findings where a duckduckgo search gave you something unexpected, either something interesting or funny, or both. (In the age of Corona-Chan global weirdness we all can use a good laugh once in a while)
Searching for available Porteus articles on different wikipedia (as in: different languages) I stumbled upon the Porteus Maze test
The Porteus Maze test (PMT) is a psychological test. It is designed to measure psychological planning capacity and foresight. It is a nonverbal test of intelligence. It was developed by University of Hawaii psychology Professor Stanley Porteus.
:D B)
Could only be my brain that finds the idea of a Porteus test being a test to measure psychological planning capacity and foresight hilarious :D . [1]

If you find it not a bit funny: My bad. :sorry:

[1] Most reviewers of Porteus OS say that they believe it is meant more for the more experienced users, so there seems to be a certain connection between Porteus OS and psychological planning capacity and foresight. :happy62: