Lanxchange: A Java filesharing app

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Lanxchange: A Java filesharing app

Post#1 by Vic » 02 May 2024, 03:47

The discussion at Puppy Linux forums


got me thinking about similar apps that are new and old. I searched Duck and found many new ones and old ones too.

After testing till my tester was sore, I found Lanxchange to be the best of all that I have tried.

It has dark mode like settings, auto discovery of other devices, a destination folder setting and can broadcast itself to other devices for replication.

It also only presents the offerings from the source for the client to choose instead of just transferring them. I do not have a problem with that. Also folders were no problem unlike some of the other apps.

The transfer rate was nearly 6 MiBs compared to other apps at 2 MiBs on my equipment.

Being a Java app may turn many people off but I like it.