Running Minecraft (buggy)

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Running Minecraft (buggy)

Post#1 by Jammasterpaz » 19 Jan 2021, 20:57

Hi everyone,

I'm pretty impressed with Porteus - nice one dev team :) ! It can indeed be "lightning fast". I just wanted to share the steps I took to run Minecraft on Porteus for posterity (after windows otherwise bricked my laptop, read into that what you will about my priorities, we don't call it minecrack for nothing).

1) First of all the install, I could only boot in a "fresh everytime" from a usb stick formatted into FAT 32 in windows (which meant relogging into the wifi, Mojang and everything, and all of MC's java had to be redownloaded each time, and with a reboot when it crashed after 10 minutes; progress from nothing, but annoying). From a FAT32 USB stick formatted in Porteus itself (booted from an iso burned onto a DVD) using mkfs and made into a bootstick copied using Porteus installer as per the approved method, it's been possible to boot with persistence without a .dat container. My Intel boot loader didn't recognise an EXT4 formatted bootstick, even formatted within Porteus itself, and it wouldn't even boot in PLOP which was odd

2) Get a browser. Download Mozilla with the browser selection tool, activate the .xzm and copy it into /porteus/modules.

3) Follow slack max's instructions from this very forum to build a java .xlm, activate it and copy into /porteus/modules. I used the x64 jre tar.gz ball from Oracle and haven't tried openjdk. Tip: Build your own Java Oracle module Note: I normally strongly recommend not running random mediafire downloads as root, so maybe think twice about any valuable data getting compromised. But you're probably booting off a stick you can easily recreate, so what's at stake? Your wifi password?

4) Haven't worked out how to get Java or Mozilla it to autoload in persistent yet, even though I'd figured this out in always fresh.

5) Download the Minecraft launcher from Mojang, I used the "other distributions" tar.gz (ie. neither the debian or the arch versions). Unzip that in a sub folder in /opt or whereever.

When already installed:

6) Go into it and launch ./minecraft-launcher. Log into the launcher with your mojang or MS account and click play. If you're in a persistent boot it should only need to download 390MB once, but in always fresh this is necessary each boot obviously.

7) MC runs for me, at least occasionally, and it does crash a lot. I don't know if this is just my machine or just because it's a demanding application for a portable distro, or the fact I've put zero effort into fine tuning Porteus. Turn down the graphics and music setting, and don't head to anywhere dangerous or anywhere where the game crashing on you would be disastrous until you're confident. YMMV

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