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Porteus-v5.0rc1 is released

Posted: 16 Jun 2019, 18:50
by brokenman
Team Porteus is mirthful to announce the immediate availability of Porteus-v5.0 final in SEVEN desktop flavours. This is the first version update since following slackware-current and we will release the final once Slackware moves to version 15.
You can download the releases at any of our mirrors in the Porteus-v5.0 folder.

The RC releases will only be provided for x86_64 architecture.
The language tool does not function in RC releases.

Please donate to our project to help continued development.

Kernel 5.1.5
Neko is now generating the official kernel which you may also upgrade through his awesome kernel update tool.
The intel microcode is available directly from the server in the kernel folder. This is for people that would like to patch the intel processor debacle.

Other changes
- Slackware updated the pkgtools package which moved all package info files to /var/lib/pkgtools/packages. A symlink was left at /var/log/packages
- Major version updates have been made to icu, glibc, gcc, mesa, xorg-server
- We have finally managed to completely replace python2 with python3 for all desktops. This means python2 is no longer in our default package list.
- pauth now acts as our authorizing agent in place of the various other graphical su applications.
- Meson and ninja are now in 05_devel
- All ISO files are now hybrid ISOs. This means you may also now use dd to write the ISO file directly to a removeable drive.

A special thanks goes to our core dev team: jssouza, fulalas, ncmprhnsbl and Blaze.