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Porteus v3.1 final and Porteus Kiosk 3.2.0 are now available

Posted: 09 Dec 2014, 01:30
by brokenman
The porteus community was delighted to find that Santa had dropped into our chimney a little early this year and left a shiny new Porteus Desktop Edition 3.1, as well as Porteus Kiosk Edition 3.2.0!
A major change in the new desktop edition is the inclusion of the new LXQt desktop which replaces both RazorQT and LXDE.

We would like to give a big thank you to our community for helping to reach our hosting targets which ensure the continued development of Porteus.

You can customize your Porteus ISO using the web wizard here: build it now
You can download the ISO and other files for the desktop edition here: 32bit and 64bit

You can download the Porteus Kiosk ISO (and customize it with wizard embedded directly into it) from here:
Standalone ISO and modules for the kiosk edition can be downloaded from here:

Changes in this release (relative to 3.0.1) include:

Porteus Desktop Edition 3.1:

- Linux kernel 3.17.4
- Kernel config: compiled support for FB_EFI, increased number of Aufs branches to 1024, added input drivers
- Porteus Installer: user must type 'ok' before MBR will be updated. This is to prevent installation made by accident on unwanted partition.
- Added 'ntpdate' utility from ntp package which syncs the clock over internet if 'timezone=' cheatcode is enabled

- Upgraded KDE4 desktop to version 4.14.3
- Fixed bug when wallpaper was not always displayed after boot
- Set default action for 'Low Battery' to be 'Shutdown' after 5 mins
- Recompiled qmmp with projectM support (optional dependency)
- Added 'kcharselect' and 'weather plasmoid' packages
- Upgraded desktop applications to latest versions

- Upgraded to version 0.8.0
- Fixed most of reported bugs but some known ones still remains. the most notable one is that pcmanfm in super user mode does not always open so you have to type your root password second time.
- Upgraded desktop applications to latest versions

- Upgraded to Mate v1.9.1
- Added fixed drives to file manager pane

- Rebuilt from scratch v4.10
- Added fixed drives to file manager pane


LibreOffice 4.3.4

AMD Catalyst 14.9
nVidia 340.58
nVidia legacy 304.123

Porteus Kiosk Edition 3.2.0:
This is a major kiosk release which brings a number of new features, package upgrades and security fixes. New version sums up all the development which happened in the last 6 months and which can be tracked with details in the changelog of the Porteus Kiosk 'automatic updates' service.

Linux kernel has been updated to latest LTS: 3.14.26 while Firefox sticks to the ESR channel which is intended for large organizations such as universities, governments and businesses and is numbered as 31.3.0. All packages from the userland which are living in the Gentoo stable branch are upgraded to the snapshot tagged on 20141204: link

Aside of the package upgrades Porteus Kiosk 3.2.0 brings exciting new features which are implemented in the kiosk wizard and the ISO itself. The most notable ones are:
- Brand new and developed in house 'URL filter' which should resolve a demand for blacklisting or whitelisting certain domains and IPs.
- Added support for 'Wake On LAN' which allows the PCs to be powered up remotely. From now on all the kiosks can be controlled from a single machine in your office. Please mind that this is only a first step in our journey to central management service which hopefully will be ready for next major kiosk release.
- Kiosk has improved in the 'digital signage' area: wizard 3.2.0 allows to disable input devices completely and rotate the screen in all possible directions.
- When booting is finished system spins down all the block media (hard drives, CDs, usb sticks, SD/MMC cards) to save energy and make the kiosk environment friendly.
- Improved 'automatic updates' subscription which now can be performed directly on the wizard level. You still have possibility to contact our sales department directly to negotiate all the conditions of the subscription.
- UEFI component has been officially approved so if your PC is shipped with an EFI firmware then please download UEFI varianf of the ISO. To ensure maximum flexibility we have added and option to the wizard which allows to switch between the BIOS/EFI variants when performing the kiosk installation. You can convert BIOS image into UEFI one and vice versa.
- Extended keyboard layouts with a support for variants and doubled the number of printing drivers available in the kiosk wizard database. Pretty much every printer out there should be supported by Porteus Kiosk.

This is not a full list of changes, please find Porteus Kioks 3.2.0 changelog under this address.

Thank you for using and supporting Porteus!