Porteus Desktop 3.0.1 and Porteus Kiosk 3.1.1 are available!

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Porteus Desktop 3.0.1 and Porteus Kiosk 3.1.1 are available!

Post#1 by brokenman » 05 Aug 2014, 13:48

The Porteus Community is elated to announce the release of Porteus Desktop Edition 3.0.1, as well as Porteus Kiosk Edition v3.1.1! As usual we have available prepackaged modules for Google-Chrome, Opera, Libreoffice, Abiword, Skype and printing/scanning software, which can be dropped in place to get out-of-the-box functionality! The "Development" module will now need to be downloaded as a standalone module if you wish to compile additional software in Porteus.

This is a bugfix and security update release only so there are no new features included. Portus 3.1 rc1 will be released in early October.
We would like to give a big thank you to our community for helping to reach our hosting targets which ensure the continued development of Porteus.

You can customize your Porteus ISO using the web wizard here: build it now
You can download the ISO and other files for the desktop edition here: 32bit and 64bit

You can download the kiosk ISO (and customize it with wizard embedded directly into it) from here: link.
Standalone ISO and modules for the kiosk edition can be downloaded from here: link.

Changes in this release include:

Porteus Desktop Edition 3.0.1:

- upgraded to latest LTS: linux-3.14.15
- kernel config: added ecryptfs, ipv6 iptables and aloop kernel modules

- fixed handling of .wh files in 'changes=EXIT:' cheatcode

- upgraded to broadcom-sta-

- security fixes: curl-7.36.0, dhcpcd-6.0.5, openssh-6.6p1, openssl-1.0.1h, shadow-
- firmware: added rt3071.bin and rt3290.bin, added missing rt3070.bin and rt3090.bin symlinks, upgraded to latest radeon firmware
- fixed 'changes-time' script when run from guest account
- fixed 'dump-session' script which broke after introducing 'changes-ro' cheatcode
- Laptop-Mode-Tools: blacklisted 'usbhid' module in usb-autosuspend.conf
- upgraded package manager to USM-3.1.4

- security fixes: libjpeg-v8a, mozilla-nss-3.16
- fixed burning Audio CDs through pburn by adding missing packages: audiofile-0.3.6 cdrdao-1.2.3 esound-0.2.41 libao-1.1.0
- Porteus-Settings-Centre fixes by brokenman

- security fixes: gnupg-1.4.17
- reverted to bluedevil-1.3.1 and libbluedevil-1.9.3 to fix bluetooth support under kde4 desktop

- security fixes: flashplayer-plugin-, mozilla-firefox-31.0

- upgraded to 36.0.1985.125

Opera remains at the same version 12.16.1860 but with a flash upgrade to

- upgraded to version: Version:

- upgraded to: amd-catalyst-14.4-porteus-v3.0.1, nVidia-173.14.39-porteus-v3.0.1, nVidia-304.123-porteus-v3.0.1, nVidia-340.24-porteus-v3.0

Porteus Kiosk Edition 3.1.1:
This is bugfix release which looks after wizard related issues and some critical kiosk bugs which were discovered up to date. New features, as well as kernel and userand updates (including latest mozilla-firefox-31.0 ESR) are not included in this release but are available in the automatic updates channel for those who are willing to subscribe to this service.

- once kiosk is fully booted delete unneeded and potentially risky for the kiosk stability utilities like 'wget' or 'dd'
- disabled 'Shift+left mouse button' combination to prevent opening new firefox windows when clicked on hyperlinks. This binding is especially dangerous when the navigation bar is disabled as there is no possibility to close any windows in this mode. Multiple firefox instances could slow down the kiosk or even make it unusable
- disabled 'Ctrl+Shift+h' keybinding which displays firefox history menu (nothing there as kiosk runs in 'private mode' by default)
- disabled 'Ctrl+`' keybinding which allows to display previous kiosk notifications
- export SSID as 'ssid_name=some-name' in the welcome wizard otherwise wifi networking wont be initialized
- always put wifi interface up before scanning for available networks
- Alt+Ctrl+Del combination will kill only previous instance of the 'kiosk shutdown' utility and not every gtkdialog application (like e.g. welcome wizard)
- display wpa password and wep key on the welcome wizard config page
- fixed non working hidden wifi SSIDs
- added empty and non-executable /etc/rc.d/rc.local which can be used for running cli commands during boot
- attended to fix a rare problem with md5sum mismatches caused by proxy which are caching and serving old kiosk components instead of letting the client download fresh ones from our server. If md5sum problem is still not fixed then please contact support@porteus-kiosk.org for guidenance.

Thank you for using and supporting Porteus!
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