2014/2015 hosting targets reached

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2014/2015 hosting targets reached

Post#1 by brokenman » 20 Jul 2014, 22:48

Hello Porteusers :)

Some of you may remember the server troubles we had after releasing Porteus-3.0. We are glad to share that all issues have been resolved and this problem should not reoccur. In early June we migrated our services (website, forum and the desktop wizard) to a dedicated server which has continued to serve us without fault.

The new server costs around 600$ a year and we were worried that collecting such an amount of money would be quite challenging. We couldn't have been more wrong.

In almost 7 months since the beginning of this year we have collected nearly 1k of USD from the donations and DuckDuckGo revenue share. This is a huge (and somewhat unexpected) amount of support shown from the community.

The collected money let us rent the server for the current and upcoming year which means no sacrifices including limiting our desktop wizard functionality. Please use it as much as you can - we are hoping that it will serve you well.

Certainly we have plans for next Porteus release :)
After short discussion between devs we have decided to use Slackware-14.1 even if new Slackware version appears on the horizon before we release Porteus-3.1 final.

Preliminary schedule looks as follows:
* early October - Porteus-3.1 rc1
* early November - Porteus-3.1 rc2
* 6th of December (best date ever) - Porteus-3.1 final.

Changes planned for 3.1 final:
* kernel 3.17.x
* introduce LxQT desktop as a merger of LXDE and RazorQT (latter will have to be handed to the community if someone will be interested in maintaining them)
* stick to KDE 4.13.x over KDE5 for this release for the sake of stability. KDE5 should go with Porteus 4.0 sometime next year.
* xfce will be rebuilt (would also be nice if someone in the community is interested in maintaining this)
* Update to Mate 1.8
* Various USM bug fixes
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