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Porteus 3.0 final and Porteus Kiosk Edition 3.0 are out!

Posted: 11 Mar 2014, 16:32
by brokenman
The Porteus Community is overjoyed to announce the release of Porteus 3.0 (Standard Desktop Edition), as well as Porteus Kiosk Edition v3.0! We've put together prepackaged modules for Google-Chrome, Opera, Libreoffice, Abiword, Skype and printing/scanning software, which can be dropped in place to get out-of-the-box functionality! Please note that the "Development" module will now need to be downloaded as a standalone module if you wish to compile additional software in Porteus.

Note that we have created a kiosk bounty page where you can donate money to accelerate the development of features which you would like to see added to the kiosk edition: click here

You can customize your Porteus ISO using the web wizard here: build it now
You can customize the kiosk ISO using the kiosk wizard here: build it now
You can download the ISO and other files for the desktop edition here: 32bit and 64bit

Please report bugs/suggestions in our 3.0 desktop edition feedback thread here: click
Please use relevant thread for Kiosk edition up here: click

Here is our changelog of major changes from v2.1 to v3.0 for the Standard Desktop Edition & Kiosk edition:

- Replaced Porteus Package Manager with a new version (GUI and CLI ... CLI si called 'usm')
We no longer need to maintain a porteus module repository and the new version will pull slackware package across 5 repositories and convert to modules.
- Upgraded kernel to linux-3.13.6
- pxe-server: added support for random IP from private pool when nothing is defined
- Configured logrotate to rotate system logs once they reach 500KB in size
- Added: archivemount-0.8.3, libvdpau-va-gl-0.3.2

- Upgraded to 4.12.3
- Fixed mounting of ntfs formatted external drivers
- Enabled password for the screen locker by default

Upgraded to Mate-1.7.1


LibreOffice v4.2.1

- fixed the missing test page for hp printers
- added support for some legacy Canon Pixma printers (note that the compat-32 module is required for this to work with 64-bit porteus) - thanks Blaze and Francois!


Web wizard:
- Added possibility of shutting kiosk down by pressing a power button
- Added basic screensaver support
- Added possibility of setting monitor refresh rate
- Added support for secondary keyboard layout. Use Alt+Shift key combination to switch between layouts.
- Added support for setting firefox proxy

Kiosk ISO:
- Added zoom-in and zoom-out buttons to firefox's navigation bar
- Added up to 60 secs delay before starting wpa_supplicant so drivers have extra time to initialize the hardware
- Added internet connection watcher which delays opening of firefox up to 30 secs (once connection is established firefox opens immediately)
- Added missing radeon UVD firmware which was causing unnecessary delay on booting on some AMD cards
- Added netstat utility for monitoring network connections, sockets, etc
- Enabled numlock by default
- Upgraded to: libdrm-2.4.51, libXfont-1.4.7 (security fix), openssl-1.0.1f (security fix), xf86-input-synaptics-1.7.3, xorg-server-1.14.5 (security fix), flashplayer-plugin- (security fix), openjre-7u51_b00 (security fix)