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Porteus-v5.0 is released!

Posted: 03 Jul 2022, 22:05
by ncmprhnsbl
Team Porteus is finally able to announce the immediate availability of Porteus-v5.0 final in EIGHT desktop flavours.
You can download the releases at any of our mirrors: in the following folders:


Main changes include:
Kernel 5.18.8
Core is based on Slackware 15.0
8 desktop options to choose from! (7 for i586)
Perl has been moved to 05-devel (so those that need it for some perl script will need get it, so as not to need to run with devel)
Slackware package managers included: slackpkg (in core) and slpkg (in 05-devel)
A simple wrapper for slackpkg: pmod : to produce a module of the package
A small script: pkginfo : to provide some info about whether a package is installed, what's in it, whether it has missing libs and which module it's in, if any.
Numerous tweaks, fixes, and optimizations to our core scripts.
The syslinux bootloader creator( should now handle NMVe installations
BusyBox in initrd updated to 1.35
...much more!


1) Find the fastest mirror
Open a root console (root password is toor) and run: fastest-mirror
- This will place the fastest mirror for your area into the file /etc/porteus.conf
2) Set your passwords for guest and root
Open >System>Porteus Setting Centre>Security(lock symbol)>Porteus Password
3) Get a Web Browser via our 'Browser Selection and Update Tool' , log in to the forum and report all those bugs! ;)

And thanks to all the usual suspects(you know who you are), without whom any of this would be possible.