XEN and Porteus

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XEN and Porteus

Post#1 by Rava » 15 Apr 2020, 15:52

Has anyone experience with Xen running as Hypervisor ?
You can get XEN e.g. here: https://xcp-ng.org/#easy-to-install
And an explanation how to set it up is here: https://www.linuxmuster.net/en/download-en/ (Example for using XEN and the build-for-School project linuxmuster.net)
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XEN and Porteus

Post#2 by burdi01 » 29 Apr 2020, 09:14

Playing with XEN is on my todo list for quite some time now.
For as far as I understand things a requirement is to give the installation a complete disk. But at the moment I do not have a spare disk/desktop/laptop lying around ...

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