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Posted: 01 May 2019, 08:50
by rych
I can't find the script setting "TERM=xterm-256color" on my system. And it seems to break wine related programs (complains: 'xterm-256color': unknown terminal type.) Setting it back to TERM=xterm seems to solve it. I say "back to" because on my previous USB with LXDE it is indeed TERM=xterm -- I've just checked.

When I switched to OpenBox this problem hasn't occurred; as I've installed and customized it quite a bit since then, I have TERM=xterm-256color and the problems.

Who is setting it on my system, how/where to change it back?


Posted: 01 May 2019, 09:35
by burdi01
This seems to be a default in Slackware and its derivates since quite some time -- I could not find an explicit setting either.
In /etc/profile I changed the TERM setting therefore to:

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# Fight TERM pecularities:
if [ "$TERM" = "" -o "$TERM" = "unknown" ]; then
elif [ "$TERM" = "xterm-256color" ]; then


Posted: 28 May 2019, 09:37
by nanZor
It's not just Slackware but further upstream too. I do much the same for HTOP and MC in TinycorePure64, which is independent.

I've just been aliasing the critters that pop up setting the TERM that way....