.webp file size anomaly

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.webp file size anomaly

Post#1 by Rava » 19 Sep 2023, 07:00

The endings of the file names determine what compression I use or if none.


.webp Compression: Drawing, V8 Save quality 93 (100=high)
_lossless.webp Compression Lossless V8L Compression 9 (0=none)
.png Compression 9 (0=none) [lossless]

The program used is mtPaint, but mtPaint uses the system's ability for file formats, so the actual routine handling webp is not coded into mtPaint but part of my Porteus 5.0 [core modules updated] XFCE 4.16:

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guest@rava:~$ cat /etc/porteus/*
unless I am silly here and mistaken and it is part of an updated mtpaint. Then my bad and all that jazz.

Now I use for screenshots that show window contents the Compression: Drawing since most objects are similar to simple drawings.

Most of the time _lossless.webp is the smallest file size, then .png and .webp the largest.
As described above, _lossless.webp and .png both are lossless while .webp is not.

But there was one strange exception. It was a screenshot of the thunars "Configure Columns in the Detailed List View" settings window - a smaller and more simple screenshot than most.

Here the file sizes:

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 49528 thunar-4.16.10-config-columns.webp
143922 thunar-4.16.10-config-columns_lossless.webp
188348 thunar-4.16.10-config-columns.png
Image dimension: 531x561 8-bit/color RGB

It is for now the only time the _lossless.webp is much bigger than the .webp .

Usually file sizes are like so - _lossless.webp smallest, .png middle, .webp largest:

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 46670 thunar-4.16.10-sorting-bug_lossless.webp
213680 thunar-4.16.10-sorting-bug.png
220934 thunar-4.16.10-sorting-bug.webp
Image dimension: 919 x 937, 8-bit/color RGB

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 34610 thunar-4.16.10-sorting-bug2_lossless.webp
208494 thunar-4.16.10-sorting-bug2.png
218884 thunar-4.16.10-sorting-bug2.webp
Image dimension: 913 x 1025, 8-bit/color RGB

Any tips why that is? Why is _lossless.webp usually compressed the best even when its lossless, but fails doing so for a relative simple and small screenshot?
Yours Rava