Upload wallpaper using https site?

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Upload wallpaper using https site?

Post#1 by bbowlsbey » 07 Sep 2020, 14:01

Does anyone online know if it is possible to reference https sites to upload a custom wallpaper to Porteus kiosk? I can’t seem to make it work woth a .jpg I have put on an https share, and the only obvious thing that might make it break is that the examples reference a wallpaper from a http site. Any help would be appreciated.

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Upload wallpaper using https site?

Post#2 by fanthom » 08 Sep 2020, 05:50

Hello bbowlsbey,

Kiosk should download files from https websites without problems, unless there is some weird redirection which 'wget' utility cants handle.

Please provide an URL to your wallpaper and i'll investigate this.

Thank you.
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