l3afpad no drag&drop?

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l3afpad no drag&drop?

Post#1 by Rava » 02 Jun 2021, 18:05

Why does drag&drop not work with l3afpad?
(It also never worked with leafpad)?

Is there a tweak necessary go get l3eafpad to accept a text file that got dragged & dropped onto its window from Thunar?

When I already have the correct folder open and want to reuse a running l3eafpad, simple a drag&drop would be the quickest, but l3afpad and leafpad never reacted to any dropped text file. :wall:

The 2nd quickest is to close l3afpad and open a new one via Thunar.

Usually the slowest variant is to open the file via l3afpad since I will have to go to the already open folder (albeit only open in Thunar) :oops:
Yours Rava

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