Porteus Server doesn't working now?

Please reproduce your error on a second machine before posting, and check the error by running without saved changes or extra modules (See FAQ No. 13, "How to report a bug"). For unstable Porteus versions (alpha, beta, rc) please use the relevant thread in our "Development" section.
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Porteus Server doesn't working now?

Post#16 by gregoryb » 04 Feb 2020, 18:42

roadie wrote:
04 Feb 2020, 18:40

Does it do this in Always Fresh mode?
Yes, Always Fresh too...

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Porteus Server doesn't working now?

Post#17 by brokenman » 09 Feb 2020, 13:54

The update script is using the command ping and ip. Please run the following command from a root console (The little black TV thingy --> type: su --> type toor)

Code: Select all

ping -q -w 1 -c 1 `ip r | awk '/default/{print$3}'|head -n1`
If this fails you will need to open a file and comment out some code.

Added in 3 minutes 17 seconds:
The file is: /usr/share/porteus/porteus-functions
The line is: 178

Once you edit it. Copy it to the following location of your Poreus install like so:

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cp -a --parents /usr/share/porteus/porteus-functions /mnt/sdXY/porteus/rootcopy
where sdXY is the partition of your Porteus install. Hope that helped a little.
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