Screen doesn't recover after logout

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Screen doesn't recover after logout

Post#1 by nanZor » 21 Apr 2019, 19:22

Porteus 4.0 X86_64 - Xfce. No system modifications. UEFI only boot environment.

After logging out using the Xfce graphical utility, and then logging back in as guest, if you go to a virtual terminal session [ctrl-alt-f2..f6] and then use ctrl-alt-f7 to get back to the x-window environment, the screen is black. For me, the behavior is repeatable.

This behavior does NOT manifest itself if I don't log out and log back in - virtual terminals and the return to X11 works as it should.

Notes: perhaps it is my hardware, an Intel NUC. Possibly triggered by the combination of logging out, logging back in, followed by a virtual terminal session confusing the eventual return to X11?

Found a workaround:
If this happens, instead of using the canonical ctrl-alt-f7, increment it by one to ctrl-alt-f8. The screen at f7 is still black if you try to access it. Not sure if this is the intended behaviour.
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