Version 5.0.0 works fine after all, my error

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Version 5.0.0 works fine after all, my error

Post#1 by davidb » 20 May 2020, 18:32

NOTE: I found that I was missing two lines in my config file that once put in place, the system worked as expected. those two lines were:

I just downloaded and attempted to install the new 5.0.0 version of porteus kiosk. The installer runs and I choose to load in my config file so the kiosk will configure properly after its first boot. However, after installing, there is a plain install of the kiosk and it does not ever attempt to reach out to the remote config. Is there something I am doing wrong? the config I am importing from a file on a usb drive is (this config works in previous versions of porteus kiosk.):

additional_components=08-ssh.xzm 09-x11vnc.xzm 10-printing.xzm

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