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by smedebol
10 Sep 2020, 07:42
Forum: Tutorials/Q&A
Topic: protect against keyloggers
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protect against keyloggers

What options do I have when trying to protect against keyloggers? I guess software keyloggers aren't a problem with kiosk, but can I do something to guard against hardware keyloggers? A passwordprotect when keyboards are unplugged and inserted again?

Thank you for any solutions?
by smedebol
15 May 2020, 12:42
Forum: Development
Topic: Seperate audio source
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Seperate audio source

I would like to propose the the option to set a url with a mp3, and have that sound play during slideshow/digital signage. It could include the option to select between playing this source along the normal audio or override the normal audio,
Thank you for great software.
by smedebol
04 Mar 2020, 13:26
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: slow slow slow Celeron J4005 (intel UHD graphics 600)
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slow slow slow Celeron J4005 (intel UHD graphics 600)

I love using porteus kiosk. But on my new lenovo ideacentre a340 24igm everything is laggy as hell, and I bought 10 of them :-( Opening a simple page takes times, and even really simple browser games are impossible to play. I'm using porteus kiosk 5.0 and can't help thinking I should be able to get ...
by smedebol
22 Jan 2019, 11:21
Forum: User's modifications to the Kiosk ISO
Topic: standalone disc scanner
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standalone disc scanner

I love Porteus and use the kiosk version extensively in my library. I love that it is so easy and solid - set it up and it will never dissapoint. Lots of old computers live on thanks to Porteus. I was wondering what - if possible - it would take to use Porteus kiosk in this way: I would like to inst...